Math to Make Them Think!

I love the thinking involved in this simple math challenge.
I call it 'Can You Make It?'

Here is what the game might look like. And yes those were the digits (4-9) that the children chose randomly.

You can use this with a variety of grades and ability levels.

Here are the instructions for this simple but challenging activity.

Can You Make It?

Need: small number cards with 0-9 (2 sets), large number cards with random 2 or 3 digit numbers (about 12 cards)

Activity: Without looking at the numbers have a child select and display 6 small cards and 1 large card.

Now challenge students to use the digits on the small cards to create an equation that equals the number on the large card. They can use some of the digits or all of the digits in their equation but can only use each digit once. 
You can score their equations by giving -
1 point for each addition used in an equation
2 points for each subtraction used in an equation
3 points for each multiplication used in an equation and
4 points for each division used in an equation.
Doing this encourages them to create more complex equations.
Here is a 3 digit game that we played.

I hope you and the children enjoy the game. 


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